March 05 - 06, 2016

Location: Building E52: The Samberg Center


2016 Expo Speakers

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Pindar Wong
Chairman, VeriFi (Hong Kong) Ltd

Pindar Wong is an internet pioneer, who co-founded the first licensed Internet Service Provider in Hong Kong in 1993. He is the Chairman of VeriFi (Hong Kong) Ltd, a discrete Internet Financial Infrastructure consultancy. In 2015, he helped organise Asia's first and Phase 1 and 2 of As a Commissioner on the Global Commission on Internet Governance he is helping to articulate and advance a strategic vision for the future of Internet governance. Pindar serves on the School of Engineering Advisory Committee HKUST, the Technical Advisory Board of the Packet Clearing House and Editorial Advisory Board of the Internet Protocol Journal. Previously, he was the first Vice-Chairman of ICANN, Chairman of the Asia Pacific Internet Association, alternate Chairman of Asia Pacific Network Information Center, Chairman of APRICOT and elected Trustee of the Internet Society.After helping to introduce Creative Commons to HK in 2008, he stood down as the Co-Public Lead of Creative Commons Hong Kong in 2014. From 2010-2015 he served on the Digital 21 Strategy Advisory Committee of the Hong Kong Government and the Task Force on Industry Facilitation. He graduated with First Class Honours in Computing Science from Imperial College London and was a Sir Edward Youde Research Fellow.

Shaul Kfir
CTO, Digital Asset Holdings

Shaul is the CTO of Digital Asset Holdings. Formerly he was a software engineer with a background in research cryptography at SCIPR cryptography lab and a visiting scientist at MIT CSAIL, where he gained extensive experience implementing cryptographic protocols in the field of Zero Knowledge Proofs and Computational Privacy and Integrity. He served as CTO for two previous startups in Tel Aviv. Prior to his involvement in cryptography, Shaul served as a Lieutenant Commander in the Israeli Navy, leading diverse technical teams across challenging environments. Digital Asset Holdings builds distributed, encrypted straight through processing tools in order to increase efficiency, security, compliance and settlement speed.

Melanie Shapiro
CEO, Case

Melanie is the CEO and founder of Case, a provider of advanced cryptographic key management services. Case is a dedicated device that ties physical identity and location to secure transaction signing. Prior to Case, Melanie co-founded Digsby, a messaging platform for managing online social identities, which was acquired in 2011. Melanie has a PhD in Consumer Behavior, and studied technology adoption behavior at Microsoft.

David Vorick
CEO, Sia

David is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where he studied Computer Science, finished his degree in three years, and graduated with honors. He has been following computer security trends since the age of 15. David has previously interned at IBM where he worked on the mainframe operating system, and turned down a job offer from Google after graduation in order to pursue Sia.

Joseph Poon
Co-Author, Lightning Network

Joseph Poon the co-author of The Lightning Network, a decentralized Bitcoin transaction system which uses Bitcoin's smart contract scripting mechanism to conduct millions to billions of transactions per second without trusted custodians.

Christian Lundkvist
Senior Technologist/Strategist

Christian started his career as a mathematician doing research in Algebraic Geometry, followed by a deep dive into quantitative finance developing and implementing derivatives pricing models at Bloomberg. After venturing down the Bitcoin rabbit hole he discovered Ethereum and ConsenSys. Christian is now working on a diverse set of projects including accounting systems, document signing, wallets, and various financial applications. He also maintains a general overview of ConsenSys projects and provides technical expertise when needed. When not in the Blockchain world Christian enjoys scuba diving in the waters of the NorthEast US.

Kathleen Breitman
Strategy Associate, R3

Kathleen Breitman is a Strategy Associate at R3, a fintech innovation firm currently managing a distributed ledger consortium of 42 global banks. Before joining R3, Kathleen worked at Accenture within their fintech/blockchain practice and at Bridgewater as an analyst. She gained her first exposure to blockchain technology through Tezos, a cryptocurrency project she conducted with her husband in 2014. Kathleen holds a degree from Cornell University

Ted Shabecoff
Founder, Germinal Fund

Ted Shabecoff is a student of Economics and Government at Wesleyan University and founder of Germinal Fund, a 501 c3 that extends crowdfunded loans to small business owners. He is currently working with a startup, Venture Equity Exchange, to build distributed financial and corporate governance applications on top of the Ethereum Blockchain.

Dean Masley
Executive Director, BEN

Dean Masley is the executive director of the Blockchain Education Network, a global network of local bitcoin and blockchain communities that collaborate on global projects to further the blockchain grassroots education movement. Also, Dean is the co-founder of, the sharing economy solution to solving hunger in the US. #HackHunger

Michael Gord
Founder, Bitcion Canada

Michael Gord is the founder of Bitcoin Canada and the McGill Cryptocurrency Club. While at McGill, Michael organized the Bitcoin Airdrop events where he gave hundreds of students their first bitcoin.

Executive Director, MITBTC Expo

Nchinda is an undergraduate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) studying computer and political science. As an officer for the MIT Bitcoin Club he spends his time researching and developing decentralized applications and neocurrencies. He has a strong background in altruism as a former member of the National Youth Leadership Council and during high school co-founded a non-profit, Lead2Change Milwaukee. His persona exists as much in physical as in electronic mediums as Firescar96.

Dominik Schiener
Independent Developer

Dominik is a Developer and Entrepreneur from Italy currently working on Blockchain-based solutions for eGovernance and International Trade. He's also working on Digital Identity ( as well as new decision-making solutions (Liquid Democracy). He won the 2016 Shanghai Blockchain Hackathon organized by Deloitte and Wanxiang.


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