MIT Bitcoin Expo MIT Bitcoin Expo 2021 .


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[-] Hester Peirce

Commissioner at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

[-] Jay Beddict

Director of Research, Foundry

[-] Lisa Neigut

Sr Software Engineer at Blockstream

[-] Manish Kumar

Founder Real Estate Blockchain and AI Project

[-] Allen Anjos


[-] Manasi Vora

VP Strategy & Ops, Skynet Labs

[-] William Fan

Director, Pantera Capital

[-] Miles Anthony

Founder, Decentral Games

[-] Nicolas Zhang

Research Scientist, CSAIL and MIT Economics

[-] Valerie Szczepanik

Director, US SEC FinHub

[-] John Newbery

Director, Brink

[-] Anders Brownworth

Principal Architect, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

[-] Danny Ryan

Research at Ethereum Foundation

[-] Michael Flaxman

Co-maintainer of buidl python bitcoin library

[-] AJ Scalia

Mining Team, Galaxy Digital

[-] Andrej Skraba

Chief Marketing Officer, NiceHash

[-] David Vorick

Co-Founder and CEO, Sia

[-] Rob Margolis

Director on the Global Digital Markets desk, BlockFi

[-] Brian Wright

Director, Bitcoin Mining at Fidelity Investments

[-] Bryan Bishop

CTO at Avanti Bank & Trust

[-] Jameson Lopp

Founder, Mensa's Bitcoin Special Interest Group

[-] Ethan Vera

Co-founder & CFO, Luxor Mining

[-] Gloria Zhao

Bitcoin Core Developer

[-] Robleh Ali

Founder of Wadagso Inc

[-] Dan Held

Growth Lead, Kraken

[-] Neha Narula

Director, Digital Currency Initiative

[-] Chuanwei "David" Zou

Chief Economist of Wanxiang Blockchain

[-] Michael Perklin

CISO of ShapeShift, President of C4

[-] Kimberly Grauer

Head of Research, Chainalysis Inc.

[-] Peter McCormack

Creator, What Bitcoin Did Podcast

[-] Rene Pickhardt

Researcher at Norwegian University of Science and Technology

[-] Pieter Wuille

Engineer, Chaincode Labs

[-] Jimmy Song

Bitcoin Developer

[-] Max Hillebrand


[-] Sacha Ghebali

US Operations & Data Analytics Lead, Kaiko

[-] Tadge Dryja

Founder & Developer, Lightning Network

[-] Michael Saylor

Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of MicroStrategy, Inc.

[-] Reuben Youngblom

Managing Editor of the Cryptoeconomic Systems Journal and Conference Series at MIT DCI

[-] Andrew Poelstra

Research Director, Blockstream