MIT Bitcoin Expo MIT Bitcoin Expo 2021 .

[-] Speakers
Commissioner at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
Director of Research, Foundry
Sr Software Engineer at Blockstream
Founder Real Estate Blockchain and AI Project
VP Strategy & Ops, Skynet Labs
Director, Pantera Capital
Founder, Decentral Games
Research Scientist, CSAIL and MIT Economics
Director, US SEC FinHub
Director, Brink
Principal Architect, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Research at Ethereum Foundation
Co-maintainer of buidl python bitcoin library
Mining Team, Galaxy Digital
Chief Marketing Officer, NiceHash
Co-Founder and CEO, Sia
Director on the Global Digital Markets desk, BlockFi
Director, Bitcoin Mining at Fidelity Investments
CTO at Avanti Bank & Trust
Founder, Mensa's Bitcoin Special Interest Group
Co-founder & CFO, Luxor Mining
Bitcoin Core Developer
Founder of Wadagso Inc
Growth Lead, Kraken
Director, Digital Currency Initiative
Chief Economist of Wanxiang Blockchain
CISO of ShapeShift, President of C4
Head of Research, Chainalysis Inc.
Creator, What Bitcoin Did Podcast
Researcher at Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Engineer, Chaincode Labs
Bitcoin Developer
US Operations & Data Analytics Lead, Kaiko
Founder & Developer, Lightning Network
Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of MicroStrategy, Inc.
Managing Editor of the Cryptoeconomic Systems Journal and Conference Series at MIT DCI
Research Director, Blockstream
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